We're Hiring: Unpaid Mentorship*

We're looking for an experienced, talented individual to show us the ropes in the creative world of freelancing!

We're most productive when we work in a black and white office. The color of the work can then stand out. 

We're most productive when we work in a black and white office. The color of the work can then stand out. 

Working alone from our dining room table does not lend us many opportunities to learn from more experienced and accomplished creatives. So we are looking to expand our professional lineup to include a mentor.

The perfect candidate has plenty of professional experience in the creative field as a graphic designer and/or photographer, preferably as a freelancer. With the wealth of knowledge they have gained throughout their career, they are itching to give back to the next generation of creatives. As a prominent member of said generation, that insight would be directed at our CEO. As each year passes this quote becomes exceedingly relevant to him: "The more you know, the more you know you don't know," and he is ready and willing to learn.

This is an unpaid mentorship, payment is through experience. The ideal candidate must be able to commit 1-2 hours a month for a minimum 6 month contract.

Responsibilities include:

  • Mentoring a young creative as he grows and learns
  • Transferring knowledge and insight gained as a professional
  • Imparting sustainable life and career advice when he is stuck at a crossroads
  • Listening to him vent about difficult clients, complicated taxes, and the uncertainty of it all
  • Giving tough love when he needs a kick in the pants

The candidate must have:

  • 5/10+ years of experience in design and/or photography
  • Have a working knowledge of professional gear, and what he should and shouldn't buy
  • An appreciation of the complex and beautiful reality of pursuing your dreams
  • The desire to get side tracked talking about Parks and Rec or Hamilton
  • Possible connections that might help him advance professionally


  • Free coffee
  • Unlimited vacation policy
  • Unpaid holidays
  • Recommendations of great health care companies
  • Critique of your social media presence from an actual millennial 
  • The joy of being able to say "I have a protégé" 
  • Gaining access to my contacts of struggling twentysomething creatives
  • The satisfaction of impacting his career

LOCATION: Must be willing to meet for coffee in Nashville, or at least over Skype.

* But Seriously, the world of creative freelancing is daunting and confusing, and all this to say that I would sincerely love to take you to coffee and gain insight from your experience and pick your brain about freelancing as a professional creative. No actual commitment required. Just coffee and conversation.

Serious applicants only.  Please apply below.

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