engagement. party. concert.

A year and half ago I was introduced to Michelle Rivard through the most random connections that would put Kevin Bacon's six degrees to shame. Fast forward to today and I am lucky enough to call Michelle, Cameron and their wonderful quirky crew some of my closest friends. And last night Cameron sealed the deal with the help of the funkiest band in town, The Shadowboxers.

After a day full of dance lessons, local restaurants, and ice cream, Cameron brought Michelle back to the house where they are going to start their life together. In the backyard of their future home, he got down on one knee and popped the question. 

After a quiet and sweet moment of an engagement in the backyard (with me hiding in the bushes and everyone else peering through the windows), Cam brought Michelle around front and was welcomed by a sea of all of their friends! And that was just the beginning!

The surprises were. not. done. Cameron had been secreting messaging and practicing with their favorite band, The Shadowboxers. While Michelle was showing off her new bling, he waltzed back in, backed by these talented musicians, and serenaded Michelle with "I Like You" by Ben Rector. Later on The Shadowboxers gave a fantastic version of "You are the Best Thing," full of their famous harmonies, that sort of turned into a joyful sing-a-long.

Man. What. A. Night. Thanks for being the fantastic, kind, and wonderful people you are, Michelle and Cameron, and I can't wait to see where life takes the two of you. Congratulations!